1. How to pay?

    We currently only accept Paypal as pay method. If you can not pay via paypal please contact us so we can suggest to you different ways to pay such as bank transfer to UK bank account. Read more.

  2. 1 License = 1 Domain

    Every theme has 1 license included, except if there is any other offer present.1 License it's to be used in 1 domain name and any related sub-domains.Example, you bought a theme and you used your license key for the domain www.example.com.That license can be used on a sub-domain like anything.example.com but can not be used at a different domain like anyotherdomain.com.If you need more licenses,… Read more.

  3. How do I get support?

    Please to receive professional support follow this simple steps so one of our agents can help to you as fast as possible:Login at http://market.open-classifieds.com/oc-panel/auth/loginOnce login in the menu header click on Support http://market.open-classifieds.com/oc-panel/support/indexClick on the button NewSelect your product (if you don't have any product this mean your support is… Read more.

  4. How to download my purchase?

    Login at http://market.open-classifieds.com/oc-panel/auth/loginOnce login in the menu header click on PurchasesThere in each sale theres a download buttonRemember to login with the email you used to buy (normally your paypal account). Read more.

  5. I don't have any email!

    We send to you email when you register, after you buy any product, when you get an answer in a ticket etc.If you don't have any email please check your spam folder.Also remember that your email normally is the one you use at paypal. Read more.

  6. Refund or change product

    Since we sell digital goods, we can not refund money. Please test the product well before purchase and be sure it is what you want. We can change the product you bought to any of less value (we do not refund the difference) or one more expensive by paying the difference. In the case of a purchase dispute and when the ruling is in our favor then the user who opened the dispute on false facts… Read more.

  7. How the software works?

    Please for more FAQs related to the software visit Open Classifieds FAQ's http://open-classifieds.com/support/ Read more.

  8. What does the support cover?

    We will always try to help to you as much as we can! we love helping new businesses and we will always try our best. You can open a support ticket any time you have an issue related to the software, or you are not sure how something works. Normally at our FAQ's http://open-classifieds.com/support/ we have answer to almost everything, but hey! we are here to help.Just for you to know… Read more.