We will always try to help to you as much as we can! we love helping new businesses and we will always try our best. 

You can open a support ticket any time you have an issue related to the software, or you are not sure how something works. Normally at our FAQ's http://open-classifieds.com/support/ we have answer to almost everything, but hey! we are here to help.

Just for you to know support doesn't cover these obvious points: 
  • Mentoring for technologies CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript or other technologies used in our software. 
  • Manual software updates. But yes guiding the process. 
  • In case of theme purchase 1 installation is available. 
  • Support for customized themes or software not done by us. 
  • Configuration of server or shared hosting. 
  • Sign up or support for third party services. 
  • Customization of software or themes.
  • How to browse internet
  • Language translation and other dictionary services